Soest heritage to be preserved for posterity

When the Hugo Kükelhaus Gesellschaft e.V. was founded in 1993 to keep the work and ideas of Hugo Kükelhaus lively and to support its development, in the bylaws it was confirmed that this is the goal of the foundation being established.

This goal refers to the contract that the heirs of Hugo Kükelhaus signed with the city of Soest in 1989. The content of this agreement was the transfer of Hugo Kükelhaus’ large bequest in Soest. The Soest bequest in his former house of residence was intended to be preserved and contained for posterity.
As a partner foundation under the umbrella of the Bürgerstiftung Hellweg, founded in 2002, the association made the step towards a fiduciary foundation. This was the basis for a long-term anchoring of the work and bequest of Hugo Kükelhaus in a foundation. This was possible because the demanded capital of the foundation, which is to the amount of € 25,000, was gained from a partner foundation because of the generous donations.

On 3 September 2008 the foundation was acknowledged to be non-profit by the finance office of Soest, which allowed the celebration of the establishment of the Soest Kükelhaus Foundation on the 20th September.

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Bürgerstiftung Hellweg

Logo of the Kükelhaus Soest Foundation

On the occasion of the founding of the Kükelhaus Soest Foundation, reprints of lithographs based on motifs by Hugo Kükelhaus were produced in the name of the heirs Friedrich H. Kükelhaus and Barbara Vogel née Kükelhaus in a small edition of four motifs of 35 sheets each.

Hugo Kükelhaus created the stone printing plates with his own hand. In 1951 he engraved Solnhofen stone slabs with motifs from Greek mythology.

The reprints are hand-made prints, so each sheet (29.7 x 42 cm) is unique. The execution was carried out by the graphic artist Rudolf Ambrosius, Atelier Salem, who works in the A. Paul Weber Museum in Ratzeburg with the lithographic presses of the artist.

Barbara Vogel geb. Kükelhaus
Mustin near Ratzeburg

The Kükelhaus Soest Foundation has set the goal to keep the works and ideas of Hugo Kükelhaus alive and to spread and develop them. The purpose of the foundation is the advancement of science and research, of art and culture as well as the advancement of education in general, adult education and occupational training, including the support of students.

The purpose of the foundation is being realized by the acquisition and allowance of means for the the study and promotion of Hugo Kükelhaus’ works and ideas. This goal is to be achieved by a project orientated support of the Society “Hugo Kükelhaus Gesellschaft e.V.” [Registered Society].

With the help of the society, the estate of Hugo Kükelhaus is not only to be sustainably conserved and enhanced, but also scientifically supervised. Furthermore, the spread of appropriate publications is being enabled.


Executive of the foundation is a board of trustees that can contain up to 9 members.

Members by birth are:

  • a member of the heirs, Friedrich H. Kükelhaus, Rockville, USA/Barbara Vogel, by birth Kükelhaus, 23911 Mustin or a person named by them
  • chairperson of the incorporated Society “Hugo Kükelhaus Gesellschaft e.V.” [Registered Society] in Soest
  • a representative of the city of Soest

The members by birth can appoint six further members, each for the duration of four years. With it, the Hugo Kükelhaus Gesellschaft e.V. [Registered Society] is granted a right of nomination. The members of the board of trustees work on a voluntary basis.

The board of trustees decides about the use of disposable funds. Further tasks are the resolution of the annual report (annual accounting about the realization of the foundation’s purpose) and the conscientious and economical administration of the endowment fund.

At present, the following belong to the board of trustees:

  • Jürgen Münch (Chairman)
    Hugo Kükelhaus Gesellschaft e.V.
    Nöttenstr. 29a
    59494 Soest
    Tel.: 02921 / 33302
  • Stadt Soest represented by
    the Chairwoman of the Cultural Committee Swetlana Strothkamp
    59494 Soest
    Tel.: 02921 / 103 - 9006
  • Barbara Vogel geb. Kükelhaus
    Dorfstr. 25
    23911 Mustin bei Ratzeburg
  • Hannes Knickeberg
    Architect BDA Urban Planner
    Paulistr. 6
    59494 Soest
    Prof. Dr. Elmar Schenkel
    Universität Leipzig - Institut für Anglistik
    Beethovenstr. 15
    04107 Leipzig
  • Klaus Wehmeyer
    Foundation consultant (DSA)
    Thidrekweg 49
    59494 Soest


The Kükelhaus Soest foundation is discretionary. To fulfill its aims, the foundation is dependent on support from a private and institutional sector/field.
That is why non-material support next to financial involvement for our attempt to realize the objective of the foundation is important and necessary. Because of the voluntary work of the board of trustees, every financial contribution benefits the foundation without any deductions.

Two ways are offered to support our concern/aim/objective financially: endowment contribution or donation. Both options are promoted by the legislative authority through means of tax deductibility. More information on endowment contributions and donations

Support us with a long-term donation:

The endowment capital grows with a donation. This means the yearly interest grows as well with which the foundation Kükelhaus Soest can support projects according to the foundation goals. For this reason, donations are a long-term support and help us to be able to work continually and dependably.
You can find the direct debt authority here, which you can fill out, sign, and send to us. We will take care of everything else.
We will send you an unprompted charitable donation receipt at any rate.
In addition, the heirs of Hugo Kükelhaus and the Hugo Kükelhaus Society would like to thank you with a reproduction of a lithograph by Hugo Kükelhaus for donations exceeding € 100.-
As a relatively new foundation with a low endowment capital, we are grateful if our voluntary work for the life and oeuvre of Hugo Kükelhaus leads to long-term contributions. Feel free to contact us if you would like to consider the foundation in your will. The chairman of the board is happy to answer all your questions.


Stiftung Kükelhaus Soest
Office in Kükelhaus Mansion
Nöttenstr. 29 B

D-59494 Soest

Tel. +49 2921 / 33302

– Steuernummer 343/5746/4167 -

Bankverbindung Volksbank Hellweg e.G. BLZ 414 601 16 Kto.-Nr. 890 000