Soest heritage to be preserved for posterity


On the occasion of the founding of the Kükelhaus Soest Foundation, reprints of lithographs based on motifs by Hugo Kükelhaus were produced in the name of the heirs Friedrich H. Kükelhaus and Barbara Vogel née Kükelhaus in a small edition of four motifs of 35 sheets each.

Hugo Kükelhaus created the stone printing plates with his own hand. In 1951 he engraved Solnhofen stone slabs with motifs from Greek mythology.

The reprints are hand-made prints, so each sheet (29.7 x 42 cm) is unique. The execution was carried out by the graphic artist Rudolf Ambrosius, Atelier Salem, who works in the A. Paul Weber Museum in Ratzeburg with the lithographic presses of the artist.

Barbara Vogel geb. Kükelhaus
Mustin near Ratzeburg