Over the course of many years, Hugo Kükelhaus spread his cultural critique and human ecological perceptions and concerns through an intensive lecturing and teaching as well as a great number of publications. In 1934, Kükelhaus published his first great work Urzahl und Gebärde, which was followed by many other writings, including Werde Tischler (1936), Das Wort des Johannes (1953), Organismus und Technik (1971), Unmenschliche Architektur (1973) and Entfaltung der Sinne (co-authored Rudolph zur Lippe, 1982).

For a long time Kükelhaus was like a voice in the wilderness when he delivered a lecture or wrote a text – it came down to the vision before one's nose, the minimal effort of the human organs of perception, the practice of it through utilization and challenge:
“We have to do it. Experience is an activity, that’s where the obstacle is. For hundreds of years, we have been trained to replace practical experience by simply knowing – with the result that we are now living in a substitute world!”

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