rodtegg002.jpg Beyond the fields previously addressed, Hugo Kükelhaus worked creatively and artistically in diverse patterns: as a designer of furniture  and graphic designer, as sculptor, illustrator (of craft productions), painter and author of illustrated parables (Träumling u.a.). Many of his works are linked to architecture: colour schemes, stained glass designs, ‘Sgraffitos’ and murals also made by Kükelhaus, as well as architectural sculptures. Furthermore, he did research on Goethe, dealt with basic questions of form design in the crafts and wrote philosophical essays. His calligraphic and in many cases illustrated letters and manuscripts together with the furniture of his house in Soest/Westphalia convey a strong impression of his broad artistic impetus.

Despite all this diversity, his activities were always closely linked to each other. Kükelhaus was “undisciplined” in the best sense of the word: He never limited himself to a single field of work, didn't accept boundaries to his thoughts, and always created connections between the most different disciplines.dederich.jpg

As such the reception of his work today ranges from the academic discussion within many different disciplines over the practical realization in educational institutes and interactive museums to an approach by an anthroposophical and even esoteric perspective.

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