The house was originally the half-timber barn of the former Dolffian property, a noble house situated in a central city park today known as Bergenthalpark. Even today, it is a part of a well-preserved estate, a complex consisting of a residence, barn, stables and a small teahouse in the park.

The former residence from 1670, renovated in 1985, today houses adult education programmes (Volkshochschule).

vhsThe stable, which was built in 1760 and directly attached to the barn, was altered into a day care centre for the elderly in 1962.

The small teahouse in the park is the only 18th-century teahouse still existing in Soest.

The whole estate was acquired by Constantin Wilhelm Bergenthal at the end of the 19th century. He was a merchant and his name was given to the surrounding urban park that is nowadays open to the public.

Meanwhile, some objects and gadgets from the Erfahrungsfeld have been installed here. This opens the possibility to connect the reflexion on Kükelhaus’s thoughts with experiences perceptible to the senses in order to reach a holistic view of his entire work.

Partnerschaukel im Bergenthalpark






Tandem swing












Dreizeitenpendel (three balls hanging under each other, they need different periods to swing because of the different lengths of the ropes)






stuelpung1 Revolving disc



kettensteg Stud (footbridge of several moving timber beams)



Soester Anzeiger vom 23.07.2010: Soester Lieblingsplätze.

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