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The Kükelhaus Society offers people who focus on  the life and work of Hugo Kükelhaus – whether in academic papers, for example diploma theses, dissertations, publications or in artistic approaches – the possibility for a longer study visit in Soest. 

Aside from these periods, there is the opportunity of study visits in this house in Paulistrasse provided for artists receiving Wilhelm Morgner stipends. 

For the allocation of the four to eight-week study period to researchers, teachers, and students from the field of art and culture there is cooperation with the Society and the donation Kulturparlament Soest. It also belongs to the institution as a supporter with the directorate of the culture supporting association in Soest which also the Hugo Kükelhaus Society belongs to.

We are delighted to offer this kind of opportunity, especially to those who want to withdraw from their usual occupations and involvements to fully concentrate on their work. 
This place appears to be virtually ideal for such work:the idyllic park around the medieval St. Pauli church very close to the city archive with the extensive Hugo Kükelhaus collection.

You can get an impression of the house at

Please address applications to our office.

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