When the Hugo Kükelhaus Gesellschaft e.V. was founded in 1993 to keep the work and ideas of Hugo Kükelhaus lively and to support its development, in the bylaws it was confirmed that this is the goal of the foundation being established.

This goal refers to the contract that the heirs of Hugo Kükelhaus signed with the city of Soest in 1989. The content of this agreement was the transfer of Hugo Kükelhaus’ large bequest in Soest. The Soest bequest in his former house of residence was intended to be preserved and contained for posterity.
As a partner foundation under the umbrella of the Bürgerstiftung Hellweg, founded in 2002, the association made the step towards a fiduciary foundation. This was the basis for a long-term anchoring of the work and bequest of Hugo Kükelhaus in a foundation. This was possible because the demanded capital of the foundation, which is to the amount of € 25,000, was gained from a partner foundation because of the generous donations.

On 3 September 2008 the foundation was acknowledged to be non-profit by the finance office of Soest, which allowed the celebration of the establishment of the Soest Kükelhaus Foundation on the 20th September.

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