In an entirely different area was Kükelhaus’s participation in the redesign of the school yard of Soest’s Archigymnasiums in 1980. This was made possible by reassigning an amount originally destined for “Art in Building” to the installation of several ”Play and Experience Stations for the Development of the Senses”. Kükelhaus, who at the time when the school yard devices were set up already enjoyed big popularity with his "Experience Park" elsewhere, was delighted at the opportunity. Before that time he had already been successful in installing prototypes of the Experience Stations in the remodeled Central School of Warstein and, outside of Soest County, schools in Dortmund and in Switzerland. What was created in the school yard of the Archigymnasium was, as he correctly anticipated, only a “beginning“ (as per the title of an essay written for the inauguration), not only in regard to the quantity in hopes of additional Experience Parks and Stations but also and especially in regard to the pedagogic effectiveness and use of the system. He knew that these devices, if used for relaxation in between classes only, would not achieve their full effect.


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