... how the foot (under)stands and feels ...
Kükelhaus did not succeed in making his concern accessible to a broad public until he developed the ‘Field of Sensory Experience [Erfahrungsfeldes zur Entfaltung der Sinne].  The Field of Sensory Experience’ was presented as a touring exhibition in numerous places in Germany and abroad since the mid-70s. At some forty stations, people have the possibility to gain actively experiences: With their autonomous nervous system, they are able to experience laws of nature ( e.g. oscillation, gravity, polarity, colour) in their relationship with the laws of their own physiological make-up, i.e. their sensory perception and their bodily movements.

Sensory experience, which is often already much reduced, will be stimulated and extended in the Field of Sensory Experience, so that we can become aware of “how the eye sees – the ear hears – the nose smells – the skin feels – the fingers grope – the foot (under)stands – the hand grasps – the brain thinks – the lungs breathe – the blood pulses – the body swings - …”

However, for Kükelhaus the Field of Sensory Experience was only a means to sensitize and make aware, and balance out the deficits he had determined. And as long as it doesn't come to a fundamental re-orientation of our relationship with external and internal nature, this field of sensory experience – and similar ventures in many places –will not lose its currency and necessity.
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