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1966 In cooperation with Fritz Kuhn he designed the steel wall in the foyer of the municipal theatre in Dortmund

1967 Presented about twelve objects for experimental exploration at the World Exhibition in Montreal and at the 2nd International School Exhibition in Dortmund

1973 Coined the term inhumane architecture; consultant and artistic contributor in terms of organilogical architecture to build schools, kindergartens and industrial companies

1975 First presentation of the “field of experience for the development of human senses” at the international crafts exhibition 'EXEMPLA' in Munich; since then travelling exhibition in numerous German and Swiss cities

1977 Founded the working group for an organological lifestyle Organismus und Technik e.V. in Germany and Switzerland

1977-1982 Project “Field of Experience of the Senses” as permanent exhibition in the park of Cappenberg Castle, Ruhr area

1978 Honoured with the Konrad-von-Soest Prize by the regional authority Westphalia-Lippe

1982-1984 Planning and construction of the 'Graubner House' in Herrischried (southern Black Forest)

1984 Death on October 5 in Herrischried, grave in Mustin near Ratzeburg, his daughter's place of residence.

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