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1931 Following his father’s death assumed control of the journal Das Tischlergewerk [The Carpenter Trade]; with interruptions, editor till 1943. 1948 till 1956 freelance contributor to the journal

1934 Moved to Caputh near Potsdam

After 1934 Employee of the Alfred Metzner Verlag [publishing house] in Berlin; as editor of the series Schriften zur deutschen Handwerkskunst [Writings on the German Arts and Crafts] (1935 ff), Die deutsche Warenkunde [German Journal of product trade] (1939 ff)  and as author of Urzahl und Gebärde [Primordial Number and Gesture] (1934), Werde Tischler [Become a carpenter] (1936). Lectures, seminars, organization of exhibitions; collaboration in the Deutsches Handwerks-Institut [German Institute of Crafts] and the Kunstdienst (Berlin)

1939 Development of the Greiflinge Allbedeut, a multifunctional assortment of wooden toys for babies and toddlers

1939 – 1945 Soldier, partly exempted for technical schooling and rehabilitation of disabled wounded. Member of the resistance with Fritz-Dietlof Graf von der Schulenburg.


1940 -1941 Curator of arts and crafts in Schlesien [Silesia] through the count’s mediation

1949 – 1954 An apartment in Wamel-on-Möhnesee. House and graphics studio Kätelhön


1950 – 1953 Teaching at the Werkschule Münster (today Fachhochschule für Design [college of higher education for design]), Bildgeschichten vom Träumling [pictured stories of the dreamer] (1951/1952), Das Wort des Johannes [The Word of St. John] (1953)

since 1954 Move to Soest, Bergenthalpark. Then exclusively occupied as a freelance writer (anthropology, cultural criticism, architecture, human physiology and therapy, pedagogy) and visual artist (paintings, sculptures, glass etc.); lecturer for seminars. Contributed as a staff member to interior designs for numerous churches and public buildings.

1957 Artistic design of Evangelical Erlöserkirche in Essen – stained glass windows, coloring, interior decor

After 1960 Intensified theoretical and experimental research into human sensory perception; created objects for experimental exploration



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