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“Life is a continuing practice.” (Hugo Kükelhaus)


1900: Born in Essen on the 24th of March; father: Hugo Kükelhaus senior, writer, middleclass economic politician, co-organiser of the professional self-governing body of the German Craftsmanship; mother: Marie Kükelhaus, born in Hovestadt; two sisters, brothers Heinz and Herman: both writers


1919: Abitur (A-Levels) following apprentice years and its years of travel as carpenter and furniture maker


1925: Master exam, studies in Heidelberg, Münster, Königsberg: focus on sociology, philosophy, mathematics (logic), physiology


1930: Marriage to Emilie, née Scharpenack (1898 – 1986) from Kettwig/Ruhr;
1934 son Friedrich, 1937 daughter Barbara


since 1930: Interior decorator in Bochum; beginning free decorating work and journalistic writing activities


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