The Kükelhaus Mansion is a two-storey timber-framed barn that was constructed in the manner of storey building on the Dolffsian property in 1670. It is located on a former noble court from the 17th and 18th centuries, situated in a central city park.

It is close to the Nöttenstrasse street und therefore significantly characterizes the appearance of the former aristocratic estate. This explains why the design and the ornaments of the exterior of the barn are so elaborate. Hence, at the gable end that looks onto the road, there are very elaborately crafted wooden filling elements being decorated with profile arcs, floral and diamond patterns. The location of the former wooden gate is off-centre. This has been substituted with large rows of windows.

In 1954 Hugo Kükelhaus inherited the barn, which was at the time strongly decayed, and rebuilt it as his residential house and workshop. The careful and considerate manner of rebuilding was at the time exceptional and is even today exemplary for monument preservation.

Das ArbeitszimmerHe called this building “The priceless house”. He was not referring to his investments in rebuilding, but to the atmosphere and experience that the house procured and that affected his creative work.

One can comprehend the first principles of his so-called organological building, including the colour work and the meaning of material by studying his house, qualities which are, according to Kükelhaus, of vital importance for the well-being of people.

After Kükelhaus’ death in 1984, his workrooms in the upper floor and attic were left unchanged. As a museum and archive, today they represent Kükelhaus’ philosophy of “living with your senses”.

To this day, the former workspaces preserve their authentic charisma and offer, together with the exhibits in the remaining parts of the house, a vivid opportunity to approach the artistic practice of this versatile person.


Soester Anzeiger vom 18.11.2010: 250-Jähriges im Bergenthalpark.


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