Since the society’s founding in 1993, the active examination of the ideas and the archive of works of Hugo Kükelhaus has been furthered with workshops, exhibitions and events in the form of symposia. In this connection, the matter of his work’s topicality is given priority time and again. This way, it is intended to prevent that the central statements become fixed in dogmas. The adoption of Kükelhaus’ thoughts in their social and temporal context is to be documented at the same time.

The society offers interested groups – but also individuals – to experience the variety of Kükelhaus’ creative, intellectual and practical activity during a visit there. The installation of objects and appliances from the Erfahrungsfeld [field of sensory experience] in the surroundings of his residence and place of work has begun and opens the opportunity of directly combining the (further) thinking about Hugo Kükelhaus with the sensory experience and thus of gaining an integral view of the work.

To enable and ensure the work in perpetuity, the Hugo Kükelhaus society aims at the establishment of a foundation which hedges the further work financially.


Board of Directors

Jürgen Münch
Prof. Klaus Schneidewind
Nina Ostwinkel
Dagny Meyer
Hannes Knickenberg
additional member


Advisory Board Members

Prof. Dr. Markus Dederich

Chair of Curative Education,
University of Cologne

Prof. em. Dr. Rudolf Prinz zur Lippe
Departement of Philosophy of the Social
University of Oldenburg
Dr. Wolfgang Maas
Former executive of the Soest district
Paul Schnitker
Chamber of Crafts, Münster
Dr. Norbert Wex
City archive Soest
Dirk Elbert City archive Soest
Marie-Luise Pepinghege
Chairperson of the culture committee of
Barbara Vogel-Kükelhaus
Daughter of Hugo Kükelhaus
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