Kükelhaus has sometimes been called an “undiscovered guru” because of his elementary teaching of life which assimilates mystical and Eastern teachings with modern scientific knowledge in an entirely unique way. During the course of his life, however, he kept his distance to his followers and admirers. It was never his aim to preach a worldview with unchangeable truths, as his fundamental thoughts implied an openness much too comprehensive for such close-mindedness.

Kükelhaus wanted to enable people to make immediate experiences in order to inspire and to encourage them to create their life in a way which enables them to unfold with all their possibilities and abilities instead of depriving themselves more and more of their own livelihood.

What did Kükelhaus leave behind? The invitation to do something, methods instead of mere opinions, instructions for self-experience by means of independent activity – all with the purpose to enable a life lived with all senses. No more, no less.




You know, life is like the sand there in your hands.

As long as you hold it in the palm of your hand,
it will remain there.

But if you clench your fist in order to keep it,
it ‘ll run through your fingers.

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