§2 Purpose and functions

1. The Hugo Kükelhaus Society has the target of keeping the work and ideas of Hugo Kükelhaus alive and to support their further development. For that purpose the establishment of the “Hugo Kükelhaus Society” is intended in Soest.

2. Further functions and aims are maintaining the estate of Hugo Kükelhaus according to academic criteria;

Supplying and looking after the estate; establishing a museum in Hugo Kükelhaus' former workspaces based on the criterion of greatest possible authenticity; distributing and deepening of the knowledge about Hugo Kükelhaus’ oeuvre and person, inter alia by publications (new editions, publications from the estate, research on Hugo Kükelhaus), exhibitions, lectures, seminars etc.;

Studying, developing and implementing Kükelhaus' thinking in primary, secondary and continuing education;

Public relations work for the development association's interests and aims; setting up a contact and information network to connect trans-regional efforts and activities for the purpose of Kükelhaus' ideas and methods.

§4 Membership

1. Any natural or legal person may become a member of the society, if the application is in writing, and the committee approves it. The accession obligates to pay the annual membership dues.

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