From Animal Battery to Information Factory

Cover: Inhuman ArchitectureFirst English Edition 2007

Translation by Elmar Schenkel, University of Leipzig - Germany

Publisher: Studio Naqshbandi - Auroville - India

58 S. € 14,80 (* Rabatt für Mitglieder)

Originally published in 1972, this work by HK has proved to be of great topicality all over the world. K levels his criticism against builders, governments and administrations that construct private and public buildings without any thought of who is going to use them: humans. Especially in the case of schools, this has proved to be a dismal development since it is the human organism in its most tender form which is exploited and deformed by bad buildings. Bad building is a result of ideology – that of a society based on competition, profit and information technology. Kükelhaus then draws up plans of how to re-orientate building and relating it to the frame of human psychology and biology. He gives applicable answers as to how we should build so our children will have a healthy and meaningful environment.


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